Monday, March 17, 2014

Winter Is Out To Get City Kitty

See, I was just thinking I had a snow hangover.  You know what I mean.  Too much snow, too much ice, too many low temperatures.  My enjoyment of winter shot past the happy buzz place, into the I'm-falling-all-over-my-feet phase, and is now throwing up into the snow.

But Winter shot past the, "Ha ha, City Kitty lives on a farm, here's the real experience," to the, "Let's kill City Kitty because she's hiding in the farmhouse, missing the true misery we've been trying to inflict upon her, and now we need to drag her out by her hair and slaughter her."

The gloves have come off...literally.  Old Man Winter and the Weather Witch hooked up and have it in for me.

They found me in the sunroom...
I thought I was safe inside...
I'm scared...  I don't think a hairdryer is gonna save me this time.

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